Fingo – OBS green screen studio suite RM 229

Fingo – OBS green screen studio suite RM 229

Q: After the purchase, how to register for online courses?
A: As stated on the product label, you can call WhatsApp (013-6683552), and then type <OBS>. We will ask the language, Malay, Mandarin and English. Language Options reply after the election, we will send you the registration procedure information.

Q: What are the steps?
A: The following are registered steps:
1. As a proof of purchase, you need to take (with Screen Capture Techniques) "completed" section details the order details, then submit WhatsApp to us.
2. order delivery on the phone number should be the same as your phone number.
3. Verify your proof of purchase, we will send our Facebook in online courses link to you.
4. You can enter online courses through the link.

Q: Can I take an online course for how long?
A: Since the date of registration of the online course is open year for you.

Q: Can I continue school after the expiration date?
A: Yes
There are the following two kinds of programs may continue after the expiration of classes, to a second election
(1) You have to pay 10 ringgit per month to continue their lessons, or you can buy our products again, to enable the use of online courses in the second year.
(2) As long as you have introduced to at least buy a PS OBS Green Screen, then a second year free

Q: What is an online course syllabus?
Introduction syllabus includes green screen (Green Screen) usage, product installation and maintenance, use green screen or chroma key effects produced (Chroma Key) method and other interesting video: A. Syllabus will continue to increase.

Q: In addition to the syllabus, online courses, there are other services?
A: Yes, we also provide consulting services to various problems which users may consult with the relevant green screen in. We also help users to publicize their video production. For example, they introduced Fingo video products. In addition, we will provide you with ideas on how to use our product development Fingo business.

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